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     Is your trend auto-mechanics? Our page is for you. How to realize auto-mechanics projects? We attempt to summarize our experience and give some useful information. You are welcome to share your brilliant ideas and good achievements in this field. We are sure our attempts will make this profession more popular and attractive among young people.

     Karting is the cheapest and the most available kind of auto sports. It`s very attractive for young people and for grown-ups.It`s not only the source of great positive sports emotions but also one of the best means of learning. Students learn how drive and operate an automobile. The emotions are much stronger if not parents have bought the karting but students made it with their own hands.
chassis.gif - 37396 Bytes      Making karting at schools increases greatly students motivation in getting technical skills. They are much more interested in thorough professional learning. They are able to see the results of their work for a short period of time.
     Making a karting is limited with technical demands not to install bodies, differential and shock absorbers. You don`B need expensive equipment for making a karting but you ought to define the lowest edge of karting`s mass in order to use available materials.

     See below the information about the main principles of karting`s making and about available components that you can buy with index of approximate prices for your orientation.

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